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Meet our volunteer, Fasika

Fasika is a young Ethiopian man who was adopted to an Australian and Canadian at the age of two.

He grew up in Australia, but has always held a strong interest in his Ethiopian heritage.

Fasika recently travelled to Addis with his family and he reached out to us at CCELA wishing to volunteer his time in our home.

His tutoring skills in English, Maths and Science are proving invaluable to our older children especially, and it seems safe to say both he and the children are all thriving on the experience.

We look forward to hearing an update from Fasika, in his own words, towards the end of his stay with us.

Thank you Fasika for choosing CCELA to volunteer your time and skills.

We are always open to welcoming volunteers, and would love to hear from you.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" Martin Luther King

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