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Having been supporting CCELA since June 2016, I was approached to take over as Director in January 2017 when the privately funded orphanage faced closure. My involvement is a way for me to continue to maintain a connection with our daughters’ birth country and culture, and provide a safe, nurturing and loving home-like environment and education opportunities for the many children in our care who would otherwise be in a very different situation.



Orphanage Manager

Ephrem is our Orphanage Manager, and oversees the day-to-day running of the home. Ephrem has a degree in Natural Sciences and a background working for various Non-Government Organisations supporting the empowerment of women in Ethiopia.

Since joining our team at CCELA, he has brought with him a wealth of enthusiasm and positivity and has been instrumental in implementing a range of improvements ensuring the best care is provided to our children in the most efficient manner.


Fundraising Coordinator

When I first visited CCELA a couple of years ago, I discovered some children who I had met many years ago at a different orphanage. These children had been moved as the orphanage had closed down, they were placed in a government orphanage which would have been quite traumatic for them.  Fortunately, they were then assigned to CCELA and are now living in what is as close to a family home as they will ever have.  Meeting these children again has given me a purpose in life which is to ensure they are well educated and are living in a loving environment and I hope my support can give them a future.



CCELA employs a full time Social Worker and Nurse, 8 Nannies responsible for the direct care of the children, 2 Cooks, 2 Cleaners, 3 Security Guards and a part-time Accountant.
Our valued staff have embraced the positive changes implemented at CCELA in 2017, and all team members play an important role in upholding the high standards we are proud to adhere to.

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