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CCELA is a non-political, not-for-profit privately run humanitarian organisation, working to address the root causes associated with orphans and vulnerable children, and the destitute elderly in Ethiopia. We are legally registered and licensed to operate in accordance with the charities and societies proclamation, but rely solely on the generosity of sponsors and donors to continue our work.

Our Orphanage provides a loving, secure home for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children. We value education extremely highly as a necessary foundation for our children's long-term success and independence, and provide economic support for the school-aged children in our home to attend a private school.

In addition to institutional care for orphans, CCELA provides various comprehensive services including a community based sponsorship programme, skill training for Nannies working in both governmental and non-governmental orphanages, and economical and psychosocial support for the destitute elderly.

We facilitate lasting change by strengthening capacity for self-help and providing economic opportunities. Since our establishment, CCELA has assisted over 100 needy children and elders.



CCELA has one home in the city, used for rehabilitation, shelter, and the provision of care and support to children. We provide quality, family-oriented and holistic services whenever children are admitted to our home.
Services provided by our orphanage include shelter, clothing, education, psychosocial services, food and nutrition health care.
Our team of staff include nurses, psychologists, social workers, caregivers and nannies, cooks, security guards and other supporting staff members.
Despite the Ethiopian Government closing all international adoptions, and numerous factors contributing to local adoptions very rarely being a viable option for our children, CCELA remain committed to providing a secure, loving home for as many children as possible, whilst maintaining our high Western-standards for care provisions and home conditions.



CCELA's Child Sponsorship programme involves 35 orphaned and vulnerable children who live with their guardians, relatives and extended families in the community. Funds are used to enable them to go to school and provide basic daily needs such as food, clothes, medical treatment, psychosocial services, and provision of educational materials.

To support this programme, CCELA require 22 USD per child per month, to cover the children's needs. Sponsors receive regular updates on how the funds are spent, and how the sponsored children are doing. 


The Ethiopian government estimates that there are about 150,000 children living on the street and around 60,000 of them are in Addis Ababa. Extreme poverty, inability of parents to provide for the needs of their children, family disintegration, hostile home environments and the effect of HIV/AIDS are among the major reasons for the children to end up on the street. Many of these children are sadly left without the protection and care of their extended family members and forced to the street as their only option for survival.
In order to improve the lives of children on the street, CCELA will play its own role. Those children who face life difficulties on the street will be admitted to our temporary shelter home where they are rehabilitated. After the rehabilitation period, once preparation for permanency is completed, those who have parents and relatives will be reunified with their parents or extended families after the assessment and empowerment is done. The reunification shall be based on the willingness of both sides.

Happy Family


According to new recently passed Government policy, inter-country adoption is no longer possible, even as a last resort. If the parents are alive and capable of being empowered, we believe the desired preference is for them to be involved in CCELA's Sponsorship Programme, followed by domestic adoption if this is not possible. 
Despite the fact that inter-country adoptions from Ethiopia are now closed, CCELA remains committed to providing a secure and loving home for as many children as possible.


CCELA support 20 elderly people in the areas of Kirkos and Yeka, providing economical, medical and psychological services to these elderly people on a monthly basis.
One of the aims of elderly care is to help elderly people and those with disabilities live normal and independent lives. Our elderly support is provided by way of Sponsorship to CCELA, and we rely on your generous support to continue our services.






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