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Have you ever wanted to make a difference first hand? Please consider joining us at CCELA as a volunteer. Any length of stay is appreciated, and no specific skill-set is required. 

We could particularly use help from the following:

  • Anyone with a love for people and children, and a desire to help!

  • Nurse volunteers – who play a key role in assessing the nursing needs of the child, taking into the account their medical, social, cultural and family circumstances.

  • Psychologists – devoted to the mental, educational, and social well-being of the children.

  • Artists who can help the children find new ways to communicate and express themselves.

  • Teachers & Tutors to help the children with English.

  • Actors who help orphans tell their stories through drama

  • … experts in music, sports and different plays.

We appreciate your help, in whatever form and no matter how long or short your stay.

Full details for CCELA Volunteers are provided in our Volunteer Hand Book below.

To volunteer: please contact Leeanne Reeves at: 

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