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Located in Ayat, Addis Ababa, CCELA operates our Orphanage facilities out of a modern, fully renovated home. 

We currently provide a loving, secure home environment for 6 toddlers aged between 1 and 4 years of age, and 5 adolescent girls. We have room for another 10 babies at CCELA but are restricted due to lack of funds, as it costs approximately US$600 per year for each baby just to meet basic needs.

Our hard work and high standards have been recognised by authorities in Ethiopia, with CCELA recently selected as one of the best non-Government organisations (NGO) working in the childrens sector, both in terms of our professional practice, values and fulfilling the standards of MOWA (Ministry of Women’s Affairs).

Whilst Ethiopian culture and traditions are fully retained and an integrated part of life for our children, we pride ourselves on both running our facility to, and providing care to, high Western standards.

All our Orphanage staff receive ongoing training in organisational procedures and standards, and we also financially assist further studies and development to enhance their skills and career opportunities. Two of our young Nannies at CCELA are currently studying with the assistance of CCELA, one to become a qualified hairdresser, and the other a nurse.

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