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Another busy visit in March

Another 370kg of aid accompanied our CCELA Director, Leeanne, Fundraising Coordinator Gaylene, daughter Bonnie and friend Sophie to Ethiopia earlier this month.

The aid was distributed between CCELA, Kibebe Teshay - a government orphanage, Gergesons Home for the aged and mentally ill, and the Addis Ababa community.

During the trip, our orphanage received some improvements in order for this to be a family home rather than an "orphanage". We painted a rainbow outside, brightened up play equipment with some fresh paint, laid some grass for the toddlers to play outside and decorated their rooms.

Two of the children were taken to the Cure Hospital for consultations with International Doctors visit. We are hopeful that both Toby and Rowina (both aged 2.5 years) can have the surgery they require in order for them to be able to walk.

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