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Welcome & Thank You!

A warm welcome to our recently joined followers, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our recent string of small fundraisers.

Whether you attended our Quiz night, purchased items at the silent auction, or bought a number or two in the lucky number boards - thank you! Every contribution helps immensely and takes a little strain off the constant pressure to meet our monthly running costs.

A special mention must go to Stephen from Paneltec this month for a very generous donation on behalf of his company. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Stephen!

A reminder that we are a not-for-profit organisation, with our Australian-based director and fundraising team being 100% volunteer based. This means that 100% of our fundraising is put directly to our cause - providing a safe and loving home and educational opportunities for our children.

Rent and private school fees form a large part of our costs, as well as daily food, baby formula, medication and clothing needs (which have recently increased in expense for us with crack downs from Australian airlines meaning we can no longer get close to unlimited amounts of aid checked in free of charge on our visits).

Wages for the on-ground orphanage staff caring for our children and overseeing the daily running of the home, who are of course paid, are also part of our running costs so that we can provide employment opportunities to local residents and help the wider community.

Fundraising coordinator, Gaylene, will be visiting Ethiopia again in the coming weeks, and will be sure to provide us with some updates and pictures from the children!

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