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URGENT FUNDRAISER: Food and essential supplies for CCELA Orphanage

Due to the current Covid-19 Global Pandemic, we are concerned for an imminent lockdown in the city of Addis Ababa meaning we are unable to access enough food and critical supplies for our service.

We are fundraising to bulk purchase dry groceries and essential supplies in order to keep the children safe and happy in case of an emergency.

Funds will be used specifically to purchase:

- Powdered milk

- Soap & washing powder

- Teff

- Shire sauce

- Spaghetti

- Rice

- Oil

- Baking powder

- Salt

- Lentils

- Flour

Our goal is to raise $1800USD to purchase these additional supplies.

Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

Please donate via our GO FUND ME page here.

Thank you!

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