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The landlord has spoken - can you help?

Please - we need your help!

When the landlord demands a full year's rent upfront, in Ethiopia a rental contract means next to nothing and you just have to pay up!

This is what CCELA have been faced with and we are madly trying to raise the funds to keep our premises in order to continue to provide our services.

A year's rent is the equivalent of approximately $10,000 USD - a considerable amount of money to come up with up front!

Thanks to the generous support of many, we are about half way there but desperately need to raise the rest before our volunteer director, Leeanne, returns to visit CCELA next week.

Perhaps you could forfeit your coffees this week and donate instead? Or maybe you just received a tax refund from last year?

Please think of us and these innocent faces - every little bit helps!

To donate today, please find details HERE.

Thank you!

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