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Our current volunteer: Jane.

CCELA welcomes regular volunteers to our home, to bring desperately needed medications, aid and supplies, help with daily care of the children, training of staff and to ensure our high standards are being maintained. It is also a wonderful way for our elder children to learn and practice their English speaking and writing skills, something very valuable for their future opportunities at both school and later employment. The home currently welcomes Jane from Italy, who is visiting for 3 weeks. With the children currently on their extended school break for the year, Jane’s expertise as an English and drama teacher has been invaluable and the children are loving the excursions and activities they are participating in.

An excursion with Jane to the pool.

An excursion with Jane to the Museum.


“I’m enjoying myself just as much as the girls! Everyone here is amazingly friendly and helpful. We are doing about three hours of English lessons a day then we play a lot or go for walks or sing and dance. Their English is beginning to develop well and they are overcoming their shyness in speaking and a lot of good conversation is coming out. They are doing a grade five course but I’ve prepared extra work for the more advanced girls. I’m going to try some role plays when they get more confidence.” Jane, August 2017


The elder girls have been attending the local Government school, where resources are extremely limited (if any!) and classrooms have over 65 children in a single class. It is hoped that they will be enrolled in a private school, commencing in September 2017, where they can be given the opportunity for an education that will lead to them being successful in adult life. CCELA have a sponsorship fund for our 5 elder girls at the home, to assist with their education costs. If you would like to contribute to this fund all support is greatly appreciated.

Please contact Leeanne via email to enquire:

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