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October Volunteer Update - Gaile Jenkins

In October, our volunteer from Canada, Gaile Jenkins, arrived to spend almost 2 months with CCELA. Gaile was excited to return to Ethiopia, having spent significant time here over previous years. Her full car-load of aid was very warmly greeted by all at our home, and was distributed to the Government orphanage and several other private orphanages in the nearby area, as well as CCELA. During her time with us, Gaile assisted the daily running of CCELA and especially enjoyed taking our older girls on a variety of activities including fishing, rollerskating, and a trip to the movies, all of these experiences a “firsts” for the girls and thoroughly enjoyed.


“Such a joy seeing and doing things with these girls…seeing their happiness and the wonder of new experiences through their eyes.” Gaile Jenkins, CCELA Voluteer.


Our heartfelt thanks go out to Gaile for facilitating these donations of aid, and for her generous donation of time spent with us.

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