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Soccer boots, Dentist trips and new schools...a busy November!

November was another busy month with a visit to Ethiopia from CCELA Director, Leeanne. Armed with soccer boots and balls donated from a Launceston soccer club, the children excitedly welcomed her with these gifts. The balls and boots were distributed to children living on Mount Entoto, some of whom the boots were their first (and only) pair of footwear.

This was the initiative of Tasha, Lily and Saxon Baldock, who collected and cleaned up donations of used boots and balls for the children. Thank you for providing such joy and ongoing fun and entertainment – they are dreaming of World Cup appearances one day and practicing hard! Leeanne and volunteer Gaile also enjoyed sharing some special experiences with the older CCELA girls this month, including a trip to the Dentist (met initially with some nerves but overcome quickly). The girls had never been to the dentist, and some orthodontic work for Fitsum is required. We hope this is able to improve not only her health but also her confidence, as her mouth and teeth have in the past been subject to schoolyard bullying.

Meetings at One Planet International school were extremely positive, with teaching staff reporting that all 5 of the CCELA girls are doing extremely well in their new school. The girls have been awarded certificates for their improvement and achievements, which are very proudly displayed. They are also looking forwards to an upcoming school “theme day”, and trying on their costumes in anticipation provided lots of laughs and enjoyment.

Sami and Gerri, our community children, have also settled in to a new private school and are thriving with this new opportunity.

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