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Launceston Grammar Students Sponsor Sami & Jerry

CCELA's director, Leeanne Reeves, met with the Year 6 Student Leadership Group at Launceston Church Grammar School recently, to discuss the work CCELA are doing and how they can help directly.

Leeanne & Grammar's Yr. 6 leaders

Each year, the students are responsible for fundraising throughout the year, and choose the recipient of their efforts.

We are pleased to report that the students have decided to make an ongoing commitment to sponsor two siblings we support, Sami & Jerry.

Sami & Jerry do not fit directly into the CCELA Community Sponsorship criteria, but following the death of both their parents and inevitable separation of them to different orphanages had we not intervened, we have been supporting their needs for the last 5 years through private donors.

The Launceston Grammar students were greatly moved by the story of Sami & Jerry, and are excited by the fact that they will be able to see a direct effect of what their donated funds are achieving - utilised to cover the costs of Sami & Jerry's Nanny, housing, daily food, medication and living costs, as well as Private Schooling for both children, building a solid foundation for their success into adulthood. They are excitedly already brainstorming ideas for how they can raise the funds.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Launceston Grammar Student Leadership Group for their committed support, and look forward to sharing regular updates with the children and the opportunity for them to have direct contact through letters and emails with their sponsor children.

Alone we can do so little.

Together we can do so much.

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