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February Update.

It was a flying trip so to speak, just 7 days on the ground in Addis and so much accomplished.

We held a morning tea at CCELA welcoming our community children who were all very excited to receive their care packages and eagerly dressed up for a photo opportunity.

It was lovely to catch-up with our little friends Gerri and Sami, whom I have known and supported for the past 5 years. Sami was celebrating his 10th birthday. These 2 gorgeous kids don’t fit within the criteria for CCELA sponsorship directly but with support from donors we are able to meet their needs.

Our older girls Sinkua, Beti, Rediet, Fitsum and Tizita are doing well in school, achieving very good marks and awards. They have certainly embraced the opportunity afforded them. We enjoyed morning tea at a newly opened cafe. They are pretty normal kids, loving the social activity.

The highlight was visiting Kibebe the government Orphanage and collecting our new CCELA recruits. Despite the fact that adoptions from Ethiopia are now closed CCELA remains committed to providing a secure and loving home for as many children as possible.

It was a very hectic time transporting 6 babies/toddlers, medicals, pathology, X-rays and finally home. Some of these children have extensive medical needs and we are seeking sponsorship to assist with medical costs as well as the normal day to day costs of supporting these beautiful children.

We have room for another 10 babies at CCELA but are restricted due to lack of funds, it costs approximately $600 per year for each baby just to meet basic needs. With adoptions closed the government orphanage is overcrowded up to 5 in a cot and sadly many deaths.

A day trip out into the community to deliver school shoes and soccer boots was well received.

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