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Community project: Sami & Gerri.

At CCELA, our support extends to the wider community in the form of numerous projects. Sami and Gerri are local siblings who lost their parents to HIV. Without financial intervention and support, the children would have been separated, with Sami sent to a boys’ orphanage and Gerri to a home for orphaned girls.

Sami & Gerri - July 2017

CCELA have been supporting the children to remain together, in the care of a full-time Nanny, in a new home which was built for them with funds donated.

Sami & Gerri with their Nanny

Sami and Gerri have been enrolled in a private school, commencing in September 2017. Further sponsorship is being sought to assist with providing this invaluable educational opportunity to the children. Previously they attended a local Government-run school, with over 65 children in the class.

Leeanne with friend Tom and daughters Priya & Anjali, visit Sami & Gerri in January 2017.

If you are interested in becoming private sponsors for these beautiful children, please contact Leeanne via email:

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