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CCELA now in new home.

In June 2016, with the help of our new Director Leeanne and Gaylene, we relocated CCELA to a new home in Ayat. A huge team effort in April 2017 saw the new facilities completely repainted, cleaned and furnished, and we are now proud to be operating out of our beautiful new home. The children are very happy with their new environment, in particular their bedroom, and are very excited to be living in such a comfortable, clean and homely environment.

New staff have been hired and existing staff trained in new processes and standards. Our hard work and high standards have been recognised by authorities in Ethiopia, with CCELA recently selected as one of the best non-Government organisations (NGO) working in the childrens sector, both in terms of our professional practice, values and fulfilling the standards of MOWA (Ministry of Women’s Affairs).

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