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CCELA girls excited to start new school.

CCELA’s Director, Leeanne, was accompanied by volunteer Amanda, during her visit in September. One of the primary focuses during this trip was to arrange the transition of the 5 older girls at CCELA to their new school, One Planet International. They looked very smart in their new uniforms, wearing them with pride and smiles from ear to ear.

The contrast in facilities and opportunities between their previous government school and their new private school are huge. They have gone from classes consisting of between 60 to 70 children with a single, usually unqualified, teacher and next to no resources, to a class size of 24 with all available resources and qualified, English-speaking teachers. The girls are excited by these new opportunities and to learn a much larger range of subjects.

Thank you to Karen Robinson and the residents of Aldersgate Aged Care in Launceston for their donation of funds to purchase new school shoes and sports shoes for the girls. The shopping trip to purchase these new shoes was a first for all the girls, and the excitement on their faces was priceless. Thank you to everyone who has supported our GoFundMe campaign to help fund the ongoing cost of providing good education and the opportunity for a brighter future for the girls.

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