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Can you help CCELA upgrade our van?

Ephrem, the Orphanage Manager of CCELA, has been using the same van from the early 2000's for years. It has become increasingly difficult to obtain the necessary spare parts to repair the van and the cost has become prohibitive.

The van is now deemed unroadworthy and unsafe to be transporting the children and babies.

Purchasing a new vehicle in Ethiopia is extremely difficult given the duty fees and limited availability, however Ephrem has found a reasonably priced vehicle - a Toyota van - as a replacement.

We are aiming to raise sufficient funds to cover the US $18,000 that this replacement will cost, as soon as possible.

Your donation towards to purchase of this new van is greatly appreciated, and will ensure CCELA can continue to transport the children safely to school, and the babies to necessary medical appointments.

Please visit our GoFundMe page HERE to donate - THANK YOU!

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