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April Update.

We are pleased to report that our 6 new CCELA toddlers, who joined us in February, are thriving in their new home with us, making leaps and bounds both in their physical health and also reaching milestones in accordance with their respective ages. The satisfaction of seeing such positive changes in these children is a large part of why we endeavor to continue providing the services we do here at CCELA, and is the direct result of your continued support.

Tsigereda (18 months)
Ebenezer (4 years)

Ebenezer, pictured above, requires surgery for reversal of a colostomy. Currently, the wait to have this procedure performed in the public hospital is 18-24 months, so we hope to raise the required funds (AUD $1500) to facilitate this operation through a private hospital so it can be performed immediately and under much better conditions. Donations can be made via our main GoFundMe campaign here .

Tobel (17 months)
Estifanos (20 months)

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