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Leeanne's adoption journey spans 25 years and 3 countries

She is as humble as they come, and doesn't often tell her personal story in full, but it was wonderful to have our CCELA Volunteer Director, Leeanne Reeves, approached recently by ABC TV to share a small part of her adoption story.

Reporter Annah Fromberg visited Leeanne's family home to interview her and her children about their journey, which spans 3 countries, 25 years and 4 adopted children (plus 2 biological children also), and ultimately leading to her taking on the role of Volunteer Director at CCELA.

It is certainly difficult to convey the extent of everything Leeanne does in just a 4 minute story allocation, but the story was very well received and has generated an increase in awareness of our work at CCELA, which we hope follows through into more sponsors and donors for the children.

The accompanying written article for the TV story can be read in full here:

The Reeves Family; image courtesy of ABC News, Annah Fromberg

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