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We need your help

Can you help us please?

We are always grateful to receive lots of donations in the form of clothing and aid, however our immediate and desperate need for November is monetary based.

Our next rent payment is now due and we have just received notification that the amount is being increased by our such thing as contractual term agreements in Ethiopia!

We are fortunate to have received on-going sponsorship to cover the educational costs for one of our girls, however we are also still needing to fund the next term fees for the other 4 girls.

If you have been contemplating assisting us with a monetary donation, now is the opportune time and we would be ever so grateful.

We are ideally seeking an on-going sponsorship commitment of just $30 per month from 100 people to know that our day-to-day expenses for rent, food, schooling fees, medication etc. can be covered in order for us to continue our operations.

$30 a month is just $1 a day, or 1 less coffee per week!

Can you be one of these 100 people? Or do you know someone who may be interested?

Please email if you can help.

We also appreciate you helping spread the word about our work and our need for funding with your networks.

Thank you!

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